Over-productive scars can occur after surgical interventions, accidents, burns, as well as after laser treatments, chemical peelings, or dermabrasion. There are different types of such scars.

Our silicone gel and silicone-gel sheets (PDF) can be used for the treatment of existing scars as well as for scar prevention. The gel and sheets are medically and biologically safe. The silicone-gel sheets are water repellent, gas permeable and self adherent. They can be reused after they have been cleaned with mild soap.

The silicone gel is used where the application of the gel sheets is not possible or not tolerated, e.g. in the face or around joints. In contact with oxygen, the gel forms a long-lasting and gas-permeable film, which makes it possible to use make-up.

The silicone gel and silicone-gel sheets are easy to use, with no risk or pain involved – even old scars can be treated successfully.

You can buy our silicone gel and silicone-gel sheets at the pharmacy. Consult with your physician whether they are applicable in your case.


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